I'm back from Angoulême, where I spent a weekend with Jipi, the special effects master!
Jipi is a creature of the night, he works in dark rooms and drinks his coffee black.
He's agreed to spend some more hours in front of his computer for Je Maudis Ma Nuit.
His work will not be noticeable on screen, since the whole purpose of these special effects is to make you think that you're watching the original image, while in fact you're watching the result of patient hours of balancing, erasing, replacing little flaws... So you'll just have to trust me when I say that he did a hell of a great job!

The machine.

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David said...

Ok Félicie, mais je le dirais pour les autres, qui le pensent très fort mais n'osent pas le dire à haute voix. Quand pourrons-nous voir le résultat final? Quand pourrons-nous faire Hooooo...Haaaaa...houuuuuu..hihi! ?